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The Alabama Mineral & Lapidary Society: Members-Only Facebook Group Started Oct. 2, 2023 (MO for short)


You and your rock club need to be communicating. If you are not seeing emails from AMLS then we need to correct that. Check your social, promotions and spam folders. Send an email to so we can confirm we are using the correct email for you.
(If you no longer wish to be a member of the club, simply email membership and tell us)

The fastest way to join the Members-Only Facebook group (MO) is to request an invite.

Request an invite by emailing


In todays world, we know it is difficult to get out and attend a meeting in person once a month. Also, the monthly newsletter, a wonderful way to stay informed about your club, though only once a month, does not seem to be convenient enough for most members to read.

So, a members-only facebook group is going to be the first point of communication with members.

The officers and committee chairs will use this group as their primary platform to notify and correspond with members. The clubs legacy members will be here to answer your questions and guide you how to participate in events and activities.

The members-only Facebook group (MO)is where you will find out first about field trips, training classes, swap meets, cabbing parties, picnics, workshop times, etc. Planning and scheduling can be done in real time in a chat room. Every club member that joins the members-only group will have equal opportunity to participate.

There can be video meetings scheduled from the group. No need to wait untill a monthly meeting to get together.

Every member in the group is welcome and encouraged to post as they would in any group. Introduce yourself and get to know one another. Make comments and offer suggestions that will make your club what it needs to be for you to participate and be more active as a member.

You will need to be on Facebook to join the group.

If you do not use facebook, please email and tell us how you wish to be kept informed

To check the status of your AMLS membership email

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