Birmingham, Alabama

Second Ruth Hobson auction - April 10, 2009

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Michael says, "SOLD!" The crowd goes wild!

New AMLS member Michael Courtney
was our auctioneer.

Another standing-room-only crowd was present to bid on more of
Ruth Hobson's collection of rocks and specimens.

Let's get this show on the road! Michael learned fast! The auction team

President Joe Muncher hands off the
microphone to auctioneer Michael.

Bill Fowler selected the items and helped
Michael with rock identification.
John Gaston took the money and
Donna Tucker ran the items.
Some of the stuff More of the stuff. A mugging at the auction!
Some of the stuff... More of the stuff... A mugging at the auction.
Who'll gimme FIFTY! Bill sets up the table. Bill shows fossilized wood.
"Who'll gimme fifty?" Bill sets up the table. Fossilized wood from Clio is next!
Bid here! Bid here! Bid here!
Al bids! Bambi bids! Kay bids!

The auction went on until EVERYTHING was gone.  And all had a great time!

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