Birmingham, Alabama

Field Trip to Clio for Petrified Wood - February 14, 2009

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Herb Whittington arranged a visit to Clio, Alabama, to look for petrified wood.
This may be the last of this find, so if you didn't go, you have missed out!


"Show us your rocks!"

Gloria Adams
Gloria loves her rock!

John Gaston
John found a little rock.

Gene Blackerby
Gene found a big rock!

Jim Thomas
Jim dropped his rocks!

Louise Hewlett
Louise was angry with her rock.

Diana & Larry Carby
Diana makes Larry share his rocks.

Wendy Spain
Wendy found... a camera?

Jim, Ken, Arlen & Gene
Gene brought grandson
Arlen to help dig.

Unknown rockhound, Jim, John, & Gwen
Speaking with hostess
Gwen Whittington (R)


Diana, Larry, & Wendy
Figuring out
their next move

Gloria loves
this rock, too!

Gloria swinging
Gloria swings at a rock.

John swinging
John swings at his foot?

Tiger not in trouble for the moment...
Tiger the Wonder Rockhound!

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