Birmingham, Alabama

Field Trip to Jemison for Brookwood Stones - January 17, 2009

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Walking by the pond
A friend of AMLS lives near a rock quarry where river rocks called "Brookwood Stone"
are found.  We took a new group of members out to this easy rock hunt.


Gloria and Brenda
Gloria and Brenda had the best time ever!

Ray digs rocks
Ray helping Brenda have the best time ever...

Alice and Jackson
Alice Sherrod brought her grandson
Jackson along for the rock hunt.

Brenda and Ray
Ray and Brenda Preston brought more buckets than anyone else!

Cindy and Larry
Cindy and Larry Hensley were ready to stay for the day.

Gloria took home three rocks but still looks happy.

Jackson's on a mission for rocks!

Lynn shows us her rocks
Lynn Cooper covered lots of ground and took home lots of rocks.

Holy lookit-those-rocks, Batman!
Larry just can't believe how
many rocks Cindy picked up!

Trip leaders
Trip leaders Steve & Gloria Adams showed everyone where to look.

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