Birmingham, Alabama

Gold Prospecting Presentation - May 9, 2008

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Bill Fowler gave us a presentation on gold prospecting in Alabama.
And we thought all the gold was in California!

Waiting to see where the gold is!
... waiting to see where the gold is!
The gold's right here! R-r-riffles have r-r-ridges!

The gold is right... here!

Now we know what RIFFLES are!

Welcome! Gold display Jim Thomas
Eva Lingo & Karen Howard
welcome our visitors.
Bill's gold finds.
Jim Thomas announces a field trip.
Rock of the Month Rock of the Month Rock of the Month Rock of the Month

Sandra Sullivan & Mary Quan gave us a Rock-of-the-Month presentation.

Ed's not asleep! Thank you, Bill! Question time Door prize time!
Ed's not asleep...
Wasn't that terrific?
Question time.

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