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Field Trip to Jemison for Brookwood Stones - December 15, 2007

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  It was a great day for hunting rocks!
A friend of AMLS lives near a rock quarry where river rocks called "Brookwood Stone" are found,  She graciously invited us to spend the afternoon hunting for these pretty rocks.

Leaving the house & heading for the ponds.
Everyone's ready to look for rocks!

Lots of nice rocks along the road, too!
Just a short walk to the pond...

Cynthia & Jeremy
Cynthia and grandson Jeremy discuss their finds.

Nice rock, Ray!
Ray shows off his stuff. Sam looks hungry.

Where's Sam when I need him?
Joanne is wishing Sam had come along to help her carry all these rocks!  Or the refrigerator...

Man-made lakes & lots of rocks!Man-made lakes & lots of rocks!
The lakes on the property are man-made. The dirt from the excavation is rich in river rock.
It was an easy rock hunt; we were limited only by the size of our buckets!

Reggie planning his next move...
Reggie is having a big day.

Kornegays and Dirrrrrty Dawg!
The Kornegays with their dirty dog.

Let's go home!
Tired rockhounds ride back to the
house in Marty's pickup.

We all had a great time!!
Happy rockhounds after the hunt.  Jeanette, our hostess, is shown at left in the front row.

Cabochons cut from the day's finds.
These Brookwood Stones make pretty cabochons, too!


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